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In today's economy, professionals in all fields are expected to act in entrepreneurial and innovative ways. 

Our minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation equips our students with the practical skills, innovative mindset, and real-world experiences necessary to be competitive in their field of choice.


  • Minimum of 30 units

  • GPA of 2.0 or higher


  • UArizona undergraduate students in any field of study outside of the Eller College of Management BSBA Majors.


With your current degree, this minor will:

Expand both your entrepreneurial thinking and the skills to bring your best ideas to fruition. Whether your goal is to launch your own venture or apply your skills in a corporation, nonprofit or public organization, you’ll emerge ready to confidently lead and make a lasting impact.

The program curriculum includes 30 credits (or 36-39 if you need to complete prerequisites). Your six core courses will cover topics ranging from tech ventures to customer-focused leadership. Then, you’ll dial in your focus of choice with four electives including courses like Global Social Entrepreneurship.

  • Present hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experiences

  • Help you develop effective and valuable communication skills

  • Aid you in becoming a creative problem solver who drives positive change in communities

  • Augment your technical abilities skills with effective communication skills and valuable business insight

  • Diversify your education and stand out from others in your field

  • Impress potential employers

  • Enable you to be your own boss and build your own future

  • Broaden your job market network

  • Teach you leadership skills and how to work in a team


The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor is a structured minor that requires the completion of 18 or more units. 

Eller does not permit double use of courses in their majors or minors with majors or minors outside of the College. Unique units are required for the student’s major and minor.


Lower Division Courses

Two lower division foundational courses should be completed prior to enrolling in the upper division courses for the minor. Students must select courses from two of the three subject areas below:

* Available in Spring semester for non-BSBA students.

Upper Division Courses

Students will select four courses from the offerings below.

Please note: all courses may not be offered every semester, there are currently no Summer/Winter Entrepreneurship Minor courses offered.

  • ENTR 360 Entrepreneurship for Owner Operated Businesses (3 units; Fall only) 

  • ENTR 380 Social Innovation Organizations (3 units; Fall only) 

  • ENTR 381 Management of Effective Nonprofit Organizations (3 units; Offering varies) 

  • ENTR 400 Tech Ventures (3 units; Fall only)

  • ENTR 406 Principles of Entrepreneurship (3 units; Fall only)

  • ENTR 421R Corporate Entrepreneurship (3 units; Fall only)

  • ENTR 448 Healthcare Entrepreneurship (3 units; Spring only)

  • ENTR 455 Small Business Development and Consulting (3 units; Spring only)

  • ENTR 457 Project Management (3 units; Fall & Spring)

  • ENTR 465 Global Social Entrepreneurship (3 units; Spring only)

  • ENTR 468 Persuasion in Entrepreneurial Contexts (3 units; Offering varies)

  • ENTR 483 Entrepreneurial Management: Launching New Ventures (3 units; Offering varies)

  • ENTR 488 Social Entrepreneurship (3 units; Offering varies)

  • ENTR 496 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (3 units; Offering varies)

View course descriptions here.

New Venture Development Program

Students in the minor may apply for the McGuire Center's top-ranked McGuire New Venture Development Program. If accepted, students may apply 8 units from the NVD courses below to their minor requirements. 

  • ENTR 484 Development of New Venture Plans "Venture Development II" (4 units; Spring only)*

  • ENTR 487 New Venture Development & Industry Analysis "Venture Development I" (4 units; Fall only)*

Requirements and Policies

  • Have completed 30 credits prior to enrolling in the minor

  • At minimum six three-unit courses (18 units total)

  • Minimum nine units upper division coursework

  • At least nine units must be completed in residence at the University of Arizona

  • Minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) needed in minor

  • Can be taken along with business administration minor, finance minor, or marketing minor

  • Eller does not permit double use of courses in their majors or minors with majors or minors outside of the College. Unique units are required for the student’s major and minor.

Get Involved

Talk to your advisor about a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation today!

To learn more about McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship offerings, please contact Jordan Elias, manager of academic programs in the McGuire Center. 

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