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McGuire's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative fulfills a broad-ranging commitment by Eller College: to vest every business school graduate with the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur - because that mindset can hep every student think like an innovator and respond more effectively to the nation's and the world's challengeS.

That unique educational vision is realized through a class, taught by McGuire faculty, on innovation and entrepreneurship - that is a requirement for undergraduate graduation, regardless of major.


ENTR 485 Innovating: Creating the Future

ENTR 485 is a course that prepares seniors for their professional journey by coaching them to think like entrepreneurs. The class ensures that Eller seniors graduate with creative and innovative critical thinking skills, setting them apart from the crowd as they start and build their careers.

Reflecting Eller College's commitment to providing experiential education, ENTR 485 is the summative experience for Eller seniors. Students bring together all of the business skills they have learned throughout their diverse course load and apply them as they identify and develop a solution to a real-world problem. Through this hands-on process of developing an actionable strategic business plan, students learn the tools of innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, students learn to build strong teams by including members with diverse sets of skills, backgrounds, and interests. The class is designed to be taken in the senior year, and students should contact their major advisors for registration or questions about ENTR 485.


What You’ll Learn

The ENTR 485 Program will help you develop skills in: 

Entrepreneurial Problem Solving

Acquire the ability to identify and address real-world challenges using an entrepreneurial mindset and skill set.

Innovation Project Development

Experience the process of developing and implementing an innovation project from start to finish.

Business Strategy

Apply business skills and knowledge to develop a strategic plan for a real-world problem.

Team-Building and Diversity

Learn how to build and lead a diverse team, and how to leverage diversity to drive innovation.

Learn more today

If you have questions about our programs or are ready to learn more, get in touch with us!

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