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E3 is a pioneering McGuire program that builds cross-disciplinary teams where students to learn how to develop new ventures.  Its focus, in its first phase, is on collaborations between students in the Engineering Design Capstone and students in McGuire's New Venture Development (NVD) program.  Together, teams of these students from these disciplines come together to generate ideas - and, to give those ideas a deep business as well as design foundation.  In the future E3 will expand to offer collaborations with other disciplines, such as, for example, art, design, and retail


What happens in E3

Students form teams across business and engineering.   Engineering students bring their chosen Engineering Design capstone project - NVD students bring business skills and disciplines.  Together, teams develop the key idea/product, test it, pursue customer discovery, and evolve it into a full business venture idea, ready for real-world action.  

What You’ll Learn

The E3 Program will prepare you to: 


Develop a design idea


Test and evolve the idea

Business Planning

Create an actionable business plan 

Launch Reach

Pitch the venture to experienced real-world experts

Apply or learn more today

If you have questions about our programs or are ready to learn more, get in touch with us!

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