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Applied Doctoral Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Applied Doctoral Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is open to all UA doctoral students who are pursuing degrees in disciplines located outside of the Eller College of Management.

In the Idea Age economy, successful entrepreneurs need skills in scientific research, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


These skills are not just useful for starting businesses— they are also valuable for scholars and researchers pursuing academic careers. The Applied Doctoral Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation equips students with novel strategies to support and expand their research agendas and activities. These include fostering university-industry partnerships and managing interdisciplinary centers. Our doctoral minor in entrepreneurship offers candidates the opportunity to develop these essential skills, preparing them for thriving careers in both industry and academia. Enrollment in the program is contingent upon committee approval.



The McGuire curriculum is structured around a two-semester course sequence focused on new venture development. Throughout these courses, students actively engage with important theories and concepts in innovation and entrepreneurship. They apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios as they transform an early stage idea into a sustainable business model. Designed to accommodate a diverse range of students, the program supports individuals interested in creating commercial ventures, non-profit organizations, as well as scientific and research groups, centers, and institutes.

The McGuire curriculum is an integrated package that is grounded in a two-semester course sequence of new venture development in which students learn the strategies and develop skills essential to moving an innovation along an idea path that begins with an early stage idea and ends with a sustainable enterprise model. The learning outcomes of the minor will benefit students interested in creating commercial ventures and non-profit organizations, as well as scientific and research groups, centers and institutes. In the program, the student will also learn important theories and concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The minor curriculum requires that students actively participate in an entrepreneurial venture team that typically consists of four graduate students. The student team will develop a new venture development plan that requires the direct application of knowledge and skills gained through their coursework. Please note, students must begin this course sequence in the fall semester.

The doctoral minor in entrepreneurship requires completion of the following courses for a total of 12 credit hours:

Fall Semester

  • ECON 534: Industrial Analysis and New Venture Development (Venture Development I)
    Tuesdays 3:30- 6:15 p.m. / Thursdays 3:30-4:45 p.m.

  • SIE 567: Financial Modeling for Innovation
    Tuesdays / Thursdays 9:30-10:45 a.m.

Spring Semester

  • MGMT 539: Planning of New Ventures (Venture Development II)
    Tuesdays 3:30- 6:15 p.m.

  • ENTR 599: Independent Study


The doctoral minor program requires the successful completion of a written comprehensive exam that is individually tailored to the specific research interests and career goals of each student. The exam must be satisfied within one year following the completion of minor coursework.


Who is eligible to pursue the doctoral minor in entrepreneurship?

The doctoral minor in entrepreneurship is available to University of Arizona doctoral students who are pursuing degrees in disciplines located outside of the Eller College of Management. However, each student must obtain approval to pursue the entrepreneurship minor from his or her doctoral committee prior to starting the McGuire New Venture Development Program coursework. This approval must be demonstrated by a completed and signed program of study form provided by the Graduate College that indicates committee approval of the entrepreneurship minor program of study.

How do students begin the doctoral minor in entrepreneurship once committee approval as been obtained from their major departments?

Students interested in pursuing the doctoral minor in entrepreneurship must apply to the McGuire New Venture Development Program along with all other graduate students interested in gaining an entrepreneurship education. 

What is the format of the comprehensive minor exam?

Doctoral students completing a minor in entrepreneurship must successfully respond to a comprehensive examination question developed by McGuire Center faculty and mentors-in-residence. The questions will be distinctly based on the individual interests and backgrounds of each student, but will consistently center on the analysis of how the fundamental principles and practices of entrepreneurship and innovation inform students’ particular disciplinary fields of study, expertise and interests. The students will be given one week (five business days) to respond to the question in written format. The examination response will be evaluated by the aforesaid McGuire personnel. Also, a designated representative from the McGuire Center must be invited to attend the oral qualifying exams and dissertation defense meetings of each student completing the doctoral minor in entrepreneurship.

Get Involved

To learn more about McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship offerings, please contact
Jordan Elias, manager of academic programs in the McGuire Center. 

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