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Welcome to the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship’s new website!

Over the course of the first semester, a team of students who are members of PAD (Production and Design Lab) have been working and brainstorming to bring to life a new website for the McGuire Center. Led by professor and mentor Sandy DuPlessis, the team engaged in weekly meetings as well as solo ventures in order to bring together everything that was previously missing or needed for the website. McGuire staff such as Ted McGuire were there to help as well, with opinions and ideas whenever needed.

Project manager is Elise Wright, who worked tirelessly to keep everyone on task, organize what needed to be done, and assigned roles and jobs that needed to be finished. Other members of the team include Morgan Kline, RJ Walker, Tony Reyes, Sophia Shugart, and Nolan Bivolcic. The team shot video footage, took pictures, worked on graphic designs, and ultimately crafted the website you are on right now!

Different features of the website allow possible students and those interested in the McGuire Center the opportunity to easily connect with a team member as well as gives the option to dive deep into the school if that’s something they’re interested in. One can look at past ventures and ideas that McGuire students have brought to life, different professors and mentors available to help and teach, the different programs within the school and what they entail, and more.

With this website live, those who have an affinity for entrepreneurship and have their own ideas, or those who want to get involved in a startup or small business can do just that! The incredible staff here as well as all of the connections they can link students to are just a few clicks away. Welcome, and we hope you’ll stick around to learn more.


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