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Meet Leah Pollock, CatNav creator!

Updated: May 27, 2023

With the new McGuire Center website, we’ve included a brand new campus navigation map created by one of Tech Core summer 2022 interns, Leah Pollock.

It is called CatNav, and Leah led the project and designed the app with the help of Gabe Grateron, Joshua Watkins, and Skylar Franklin. Leah used her previous technological skills in combination with her campus living experience to build the map from scratch!

Leah says that the map “has a unique focus on the student experience.” She worked with passion and vigor to bring this map to life, and was able to work with the McGuire Center to bring it to a platform that will usher it to students who are looking for a more personal, yet virtual way of exploring campus. Leah explains that CatNav allows the user to see different places on campus with pictures and descriptions.

Leah constructed the majority of the map’s layers, created the entire web application herself, built its supporting web pages, and helped edit the Ecosystem page for it on this site. Joshua was able to create layers that fit with Leah’s designs, as well as the University itself. Skylar created the logo for CatNav, and Gabe was there as Leah’s Tech Core instructor who helped her along the way.

Leah worked tirelessly to create this amazing map, and we are so glad it has a home on the McGuire Center’s website! Make sure to check it out while you’re here.


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