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Meet Betsee PopBook!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

One of the New Venture Development class groups, Betsee PopBooks, decided to give us some information about their development! Team member Karly Cass explains their product and more in this post!

During the early phases of team formation and venture development, my team and I decided that it would be in our best interests to develop a venture that is light-hearted and enjoyable for all of us to be a part of. Our brainstorming process resulted in approximately twenty business ideas, which we gradually eliminated until we selected a business idea that would expand the betting industry to a new audience. Our venture, Betsee PopBook, provides users with a simple, safe, and social user interface for betting on pop culture and entertainment topics.

Betsee PopBook is an online betting platform that allows users to wager on a wide variety of shows, including dating shows, reality shows, contests, and awards ceremonies. We created Betsee to cater to individuals who are interested in betting on topics that are not typically offered by sportsbooks such as Fanduel and Draftkings. With Betsee Popbook, users enjoy a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to understand and navigate the application. Furthermore, we place the utmost emphasis on safety, as we provide safe methods of adding money to an individual's account as well as withdrawing earnings. In addition, our service enables users to create private betting groups so that friends and family can place bets on their behalf regardless of their location, enhancing social interaction.

The Betsee Popbook team is highly qualified and passionate about expanding the betting industry. As a team, we present a number of qualities that have contributed to our success, including organization, communication, teamwork, determination, time management, financial skills, and marketing abilities.

In my position as Betsee's operations manager, I am accountable for overseeing all internal processes at the company and providing assistance to the marketing department and the general manager. Kensley Hoover, our General Manager, is an enthusiastic leader who organizes team meetings and maintains relationships with mentors and experts in the industry. Emily Osburn, Betsee's Marketing Manager, is responsible for analyzing both primary and secondary sources of information in order to develop customer profiles and prototypes. Francesca Leonard is the finance manager for the Betsee team, responsible for developing the cash flow model and financial projections.

In the upcoming semester, Betsee Popbook will participate in a variety of pitch competitions in order to expand its outreach to the customer community. Betsee will continue to validate customer needs, conduct research, develop application prototypes, and determine what legal assistance and licensing we will need to operate. We are extremely excited to see Betsee Popbook's growth in the coming months. It has been an extremely rewarding experience for our team to participate in the New Venture Development Program as it has provided us with real-world business development and entrepreneurial training.


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