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Coming Up: iExpo

On February 9th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, the McGuire Center will be hosting its annual Innovation Expo (iExpo) at the U of A mall. This expo is an opportunity to show off the new ventures, including ideas and innovations, that the entrepreneurs on campus have been working on throughout the year. This will be the seventh Innovation Expo from the entrepreneurship school, and is open to any and all who want to attend.

Students from the New Venture Development program will have booths explaining their ventures and showing off their creative, forward thinking ideas. During this expo, students have the opportunity to engage with potential investors and customers as they show off prototypes for their ventures. The booths are set up in trade show style, giving students real life experience and teaching them skills to help bolster their future goals.

Before iExpo, students are expected to prepare marketing materials with their company name/ logo, a tag line, a venture description and must have their goals clear before presenting their idea. They also will have an elevator pitch ready to go so they can quickly explain their business idea to the customer. Following the Innovation Expo, the students will have to reflect on their experience and what they can take away from it to improve and move their venture forward. There will also be awards the evening of the iExpo for the best student ventures.


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