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Entrepreneurship Club for all Majors

Sponsored by the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, the iNetwork club is an amazing opportunity for students of all majors and backgrounds to collaborate, experience professional development, and learn new skills. The club is geared towards students in all grades in order to give younger students opportunities that usually are geared towards upperclassmen.  

Alumni and Student Networking

The McGuire Center's mentor network will be open to club participants, and students can engage with one another in order to discuss and broaden entrepreneurial ideas. 


iNetwork Club: Allowing entrepreneurial opportunities for all grades.

The iNetwork club offers opportunities for all grades and all majors to have their ideas and ventures exposed to alumni of the McGuire School for Entrepreneurship and will expose them to building relationships with likeminded students looking to delve into teh world of self-starting. 

Looking at the fact that the McGuire Center has over 3,000 alumni who are eager to interact with students, the iNetwork club is the perfect combination of networking and learning from both your seniors and your peers. Through joining this club, students will acquire hands on experiences working on their innovative ideas, whether that's a product, service, or a small idea they are looking to foster. Membership dues for iNetwork are $25 per semester or $40 for the year, and there is scholarship need available. Come join and foster your ideas and relationships!


What You’ll Learn

The iNetwork Club will help you develop skills in: 

Developing ideas

Foster and come up with innovative ideas, no matter how small or how big.

Work on innovations and set goals

Come up with set goals and increments to reach throughout your journey using the resources provided by the McGuire Center.

Network with alumni

Reach out to alumni of the entrepreneurship school and receive advice and help from them.

Team-Building and Diversity with fellow students

Work with students across different grades and majors to gain insight and aid in your entrepreneurial ideas.

Learn more today

If you have questions about our programs or are ready to learn more, get in touch with us!

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